Privacy Policy

At Gayrettepe Metro Car Park we ("Company", "us" or "our") care and respect maintaining the privacy rights of our customers.Accordingly, we have developed this Privacy Policy. We have drawn up the declaration on the privacy policy in order to keep you notified of the information you may obtain when you visit the website ("Website"), as well as to clarify you about why we are in need of the customer information, for which purposes we make you use of this information, under which circumstances we are to become obliged to disclose this information, and how we may restrict ourselves in the use of this information.

Note: You have to be 18 or older if you would like to book as a customer of Gayrettepe Metro Car Park .

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to the Customer Services Team via or by calling 0 (212) 347 10 42

1. What kind of information do we require from you?

Traffic Data

We automatically keep track of the following information of yours when you visit our website: (i) your IP address; (ii) the type of the computer you use, and (iii) the type of the browser you use (collectively the “Traffic Data”).

Personal Information

In order to make booking through the Website, you are required to provide us with the information defining your personal identity. We transfer the information you have entered to the Company's Website, and put it under record. For instance, we may require you to fill in a registration form concerning your contact details (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). Such information is defined collectively as the "Personal Information". If you contact us via e-mail, or fill in the online form, questionnaire, or additional entries, the information to be obtained respectively may be compiled as Personal Information. You are free not to share with us certain Personal Information of yours. In such case, you may display certain parts of our Website and gain access to the Website. You may further decide not to obtain certain information. However, at that point, you may become ineligible to benefit from numerous advantages being offered via the Company's Website.

2. How do we make use of the information we obtain?

We make use of the Personal Information we have obtained from you for the purposes of addressing to your demands, processing and filling in the customer bookings, invoicing, developing our services, offering booking experiences at a higher and customized level, getting in touch with you, and notifying you of our special offers and discounts. On the other hand, we may disclose your Personal Information with third parties to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of your booking orders and completion of your transactions. For instance, we may engage with the companies carrying out credit card transactions for invoicing your booking. Furthermore, we may also share your Personal Information with the intent stipulated under section 5 below. Unless otherwise stipulated above or under the section 5 below, and unless otherwise consented by you, your Personal Information shall not be shared with third parties.

3. How do we make use of cookies?

"Cookies" comprise the information being stored in your hard disk in relation with you. Cookies in relation with the users of deem you as an old visitor and make our system remind your past booking details as you navigate on the Website. You shall thereby save time when you navigate on our website. Cookies also allow us to learn about your interests and enable us to elevate your experiences on our Website to higher levels. However, we do not store your Personal (except your e-mail address) and Financial Information by making use of cookies. Many internet browsers accept cookies automatically and allow you to give instruction to your browser in order not to make use of the cookies in question.You may still continue to make use of our website even if you deactivate this function. However, this may cause to the loss of certain functions of the booking experience at

We make use of pixels or independent GIF files in order to place online advertisements. The GIF files in question are provided by our advertising management partner. These files enable us to detect the precious cookies available on your Internet browser, and learn which advertisements lead the users to our Website. Cookies are placed by another advertiser working with us. Thanks to Cookies and Foreground technologies, the information we obtain and share gains an anonymous quality and becomes impossible to be detected as personal. The technologies in question shall not consist of such information of yours as your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.

4. Log Files

We make use of IP addresses in order to analyze the trends, manage the Website, keep the track of the user activities, and to comprehensively share the demographic information in terms of anonymous and massive uses.

5. Sharing Personal Information

In addition to the section 2 above, we share the demographic information with our business partners and advertisers on anonymous and massive bases. These kinds of information are not associated with the information that is detectable as personal. We closely cooperate with third parties in order to provide our services to you, and when we share information with companies for the purpose of fulfilling the functions in terms of cooperation with other companies.

6. Market Research

Gayrettepe Metro Car Park , may secure the services being provided by the market research company in order to obtain information from you with the intent of improving our product and service composition. The respective feedback of yours is subject to your consent, and the results shall be used in massive commentaries.

7. Limits of Your Privacy

Our Website may include the links of other websites. Gayrettepe Metro Car Park Park would like to make you to be aware of the fact that when you click the links and/or advertisement symbols that direct you to third-party websites, you will become subject to the privacy policies not of ours, but of such third-parties.Despite our support for the protection of privacy on the Internet, we assume no responsibility regarding the activities concerning the confidentiality policies of third-parties and other websites. When you get into contact with another website, or prior to providing such websites with any personal information of yours, we recommend you to read the privacy statement and the user terms and conditions that we have sent you. This Privacy Policy is applicable to the information obtained by the Company only from this Website.

8. Your Security

Gayrettepe Metro Car Park , takes various measures in order to protect your Personal Information. When the users are asked to enter sensitive information (such as credit card number) in our registration/order form, such information is encrypted and secured by an encryption software. Our Website secures your credit card number prior to its transfer to the Internet by making use of the encryption technology of secure socket layer (SSL). When you “navigate” on such a secure page like our order form without making any transaction, the lock icon that you may see at the bottom side of Internet browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and Maxthon is locked unlike the unlocked or open mode.

Despite the effort we make for maintaining its confidentiality when we obtain the Personal Information of yours, we may not guarantee the fulfillment of the data transfer to the Internet or to the public networks by a 100% secure manner. As a result, we may neither provide nor guarantee the security of the information you submit to us, or that of the information submitted by us or obtained by you from the booking and services.

9. How may the use of your information be restricted?

Our users are offered with the option of "withdrawal" from the right they entitle us to put the information they give for the purposes of receiving, processing, and fulfilling their bookings, in the affairs not in direct relation with the foregoing purposes. If you would like to withdraw from this right and cancel the receipt of such materials we deem that may interest you, such as messages/e-mails related with product information, samples, and promotions forwarded by us, our websites, and the companies we own, you may notify us accordingly by choosing either one of the following methods:

Customer Services Group

You can contact us via or 0 (212) 347 10 42.

If you already have any leaflet or message we have sent you, please indicate that in your request; and if not, all you have to do is to send us your postal and e-mail addresses.

You can send us an e-mail via (indicate your e-mail address).

Your instructions to restrict the use of your information shall be dealt with as soon as possible.

10. Corrections

In case of a change in any of your Personal Information (such as vehicle license plate number), or you would like to quit benefiting from our services, we may either correct, update, or delete the booking information you have provided to us. In order to do that, you are to send your new information to info@gayrettepemetrootopark.comFurthermore, you may also update your information in the section named "Your Account" available on the website.

11. Your Consent and Changes to the Applicable Policy

By making use of our website, you are deemed to have declared your consent for the obtainment and utilization of your information within the frame of this Privacy Policy. If we decide to make any change in our Privacy Policy, we are to publish such changes on our Website in order to keep you informed of how we obtain information, where we make use of such information, and under which circumstances we disclose such information. By continuing to make use of our website after the aforementioned announcement, you are deemed to have declared your consent for us to make use of your information in line with the changed policy. If you would like to be notified of the changes to be made in the Privacy Policy or in the Customer Contract, please send an e-mail via the address you would like to receive such notifications.

12. Terms of Disclosure Stipulated by Laws

We may disclose certain details of your Personal Information when it is deemed legally necessary, or when we deem doing this legally necessary in good faith, or in order to abide by any court decree or legal proceeding filed against the employees and managers of Gayrettepe Metro Car Park. Furthermore,Gayrettepe Metro Car Park reserves its right to disclose any information it deems fit in order to identify any party violating the Terms of Use it has laid down, or causing harm or intervening against the property rights of Gayrettepe Metro Car Park, its registered or potential customers, or anyone affected adversely under such a circumstance, to contact such party and to file counter-lawsuit against it accordingly.

13. Your Comments

Gayrettepe Metro Car Park appreciates your feedbacks regarding its Privacy Policy so much. Please send your questions and comments to .