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Trade Name: Preston İnşaat LTD. ŞTİ.
Address: : Büyükdere Cad. Gayrettepe Metro Otopark Esentepe 34394 Şişli/İstanbul
Telephone: : 0(212) 347 10 42
E-mail: info@gayrettepemetrootopark.com
Website: www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com
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The subject of this contract is to ascertain the rights and obligations of the parties in view of the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers (“Law”) and of the Regulation on Distant Sales Contracts (“Regulation”) with regard to the sales and delivery of the booking, the features and sales price of which are given above, which has been ordered by the BUYER from the SELLER’s website,namely www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com (“Website”) via electronic environment.


The VAT-included total price of the booking subjecting to this contract amounts to the same figure indicated on the website. No extra cost is charged to the consumers in relation with the fee tariff that may arise from the utilization of the website you use for placing orders.
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The BUYER declares that it has read and acquired knowledge about the preliminary information regarding the basic features, sales price and manner of payment of the product(s) subjecting to the contract, provided on the website www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com , and that it has electronically given the required confirmation.


For the fulfillment of the booking subjecting to the contract, it is a must that, during the creation of the order by the BUYER, the BUYER should have virtually accepted this contract via internet on the website www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com , that it should be sent by the SELLER to the BUYER via e-mail, and that the BUYER is to pay the price by the manner of payment it has preferred. If the price of the booking is not paid or is cancelled at bank records for any reason whatsoever, the SELLER shall be deemed to have been released from the obligation to deliver the product.


In the event that the product price is not paid to SELLER by the respective bank or financial institution after the booking due to not the BUYER’s default, but the illegal or unfair use of BUYER’s credit card by unauthorized people, then the booking price should be returned to the SELLER in no later than 3 (three) days, provided that it has been delivered to the BUYER itself.


In case the BUYER is to make the respective payment via credit card, the price of the booking shall be refunded to the respective bank within 14 (fifteen) days as from cancellation of the order by BUYER. Since the reflection of such amount upon the BUYER’s account after its refund to the bank is completely related to the bank’s transaction process, the BUYER acknowledges and agrees that the SELLER cannot interfere in that process for possible delays, and that the SELLER may by no means be held responsible from the time to take for the bank to reflect to the BUYER’s account the amount refunded by SELLER to the BUYER’s credit card. In case the BUYER exercises its right to withdraw or the product subjecting to the order may not be supplied due to any reason whatsoever, or it has been resolved by the Board of Arbitrators for the refunding of the respective price to the Consumer concerned, if the transaction in question has been made by credit card and in installments, the procedure of refunding to the credit card is shown as follows: The bank is entitled to refund to the BUYER by installment, and in the number of installments under which the BUYER has purchased the respective product. After the SELLER has deposited the total price of the product to the bank at once, if the expenditures made by installments via the bank’s POS machines are to be refunded to the BUYER’s credit card, the bank is entitled to transfer the refunded sums to the holder party’s accounts similarly by installments, in order to avoid the victimization of the parties to the respective transaction. Provided that the date of refund and the cut-off date of the card do not coincide, the sums of installments paid by the BUYER until the cancellation of the respective sale shall be reflected to the card by 1 refund per month, and the BUYER shall continue to receive the sums of installments it has paid after the finalization of the installments of the respective sale by the remaining number of installments it has paid before the refund, and thereby deduct these sums from its actual debts. In case of a return of the good/service purchased by credit card, the SELLER is not entitled to make payment to the Customer in cash in accordance with the respective contract it has entered into with the bank. Refund to the credit card may be performed by the bank according to the foregoing procedure, after the SELLER has paid the respective sum at once to the bank. In case www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com is to detect that the member has been abusing the campaigns of www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com , sales system or the website of www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com by ways of causing damage to www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com by making use of any (technical, etc.) gap in the campaigns, sales system, or the website of www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com, gaining unfair benefit thereby, performing such acts repeatedly, performing unrealistic acts, benefitting from the campaigns or sales conditions, although it fails to fulfill the respective requirements thereof, the www.gayrettepemetrootopark.com shall, in addition to all the legal remedies it is entitled to exercise, become entitled to cancel the respective transaction and to terminate the respective sales contract unilaterally.


The BUYER gives consent to all sorts of electronic commercial messages to be sent by the SELLER. In this respect, the BUYER hereby acknowledges and declares that the SELLER is entitled to transmit all sorts of electronic messages/sms/fax, etc. for information, marketing, and/or advertisement purposes via automatic calling systems such as automatically-operated fax, e-mail, sms, and any other means of communication as well, without seeking for any prior consent from the BUYER. While the BUYER is entitled to quit receiving the electronic messages within the scope of these terms of use anytime without putting forth any reason, it shall be enough for the BUYER to transmit its respective request to the SELLER by making use of the contact details included in the respective calls or messages. While the SELLER is obliged to cause the transmission of the foregoing withdrawal request to itself by an easy method and free of any charge, the SELLER is to do what is necessary in no later than 3 (three) business says as from the date it shall receive the said request.


By electronically confirming this contract, the BUYER confirms that it has properly and fully acquired the Preliminary Information Form, which is consisted of the address details, basic features of ordered products, the tax-included price of the ordered products, as well as the payment and delivery details, all of which should be provided by Seller to the Consumer prior to the execution of the distance sales contract.


Regarding the rights to return;
-The right to return is applicable.
-The period to return a product is three business days.
Regarding the rights to replacement:
Regarding the rights to replacement:
-The right to replacement is applicable
SELLER: Preston İnşaat LTD. ŞTİ.
Name – Surname/Trade Name: