About Us

Preston İnşaat LTD. ŞTİ. started running Gayrettepe Metro Car Park in 2001 after Taksim 4. Levent Metro, the first metro line in Istanbul, entered into service. The car park is one of the leading companies in the industry thanks to its customer-oriented and trained staff in car wash services. It helps to keep away from the unfavorable factors such as heavy traffic, urban chaos, and loss of time, etc., and to increase the quality of life in the city thanks to its easy-to-park opportunities, quality services, and close distance to public transportation such as metro, metrobus, bus, and minibus, etc. With its experience of about 40 years in Istanbul and its friendly, solution-oriented, modern, safe, and quality car park services, as well as its options of park and go, short-time parking, and subscription, it contributes to reducing the traffic density and to increasing the quality of life by encouraging drivers to prefer integrated transportation. Our car park is insured by Anadolu Sigorta.